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Angioplasty for one please?

This past weekend I had a friend call me, and she was really determined to make deep fried oreos. So on Saturday day night we watched cheesy 80’s movies, ordered pizza, and deep fried some oreos. Before we made them, we decided we couldn’t continue without chocolate syrup to put on them afterwards, so ther was a quick pause to make a Hugo’s run.

To make them was much easier than I thought. The batter was a thicker pancake like recipe, but we added a bit more dry ingredients since our first run was a little too runny. After that though, they cooked in about 30 seconds to a nice golden brown in vegetable oil. Top them off with powdered sugar and chocolate syrup, voila!


S’mores Addiction

Last night after having a girl’s night out dinner, we (me and my friend) decided that we needed s’mores before any moving watching could be done. Three s’mores later and chocolately sweat pants, I decided I still didn’t have my fill. So, today I tried to invent a s’mores cookie. I made a chocolate cookie (not following any specific recipe), and added pieces of graham crackers and mini marshmallows. I topped the cookies with chocolate chips and baked them.

Although they smelled good, I was slightly disappointed. I realized I didn’t add enough graham cracker, and the marshmallows melted too much to the point where I couldn’t taste them anymore, it was like they disappeared.

When I went to bake the 2nd round of cookies, I added a few more graham crackers. Then, when there were two minutes left of baking time, I topped them with marshmallows in addition to what was already in the batter.

This time, you could actually taste the marshmallows! However, I still found the graham cracker part of the recipe still lacking. I think it was just that they soften up in the oven, so it isn’t quite the same as a s’more, but I could still somewhat taste it.

Overall, I was happy with how they turned out. I think I would still do a little tweaking with the chocolate cookie recipe, but for my first time making them I didn’t think they were half bad!

I <3 Baking

So last week I really wanted to bake something. What started as just making banana bread ended up as banana bread, frosted banana cookies, brownie pudding cake, and glazed doughnuts. Needless to say, I have to go flour shopping, five pounds per bag just isn’t enough. After all the baking was done, I had a pastry party per se, because it’s no fun to get fat by yourself.  Anyway,I thought I would use this site to try a new recipe each week (or maybe invent one?!) and let you know how it goes. Maybe if you’re nice, I’ll share!